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Why won’t my Garage Door close?

There are many reasons that your garage door may or may not close and many are pretty easy to fix. For example, is something blocking the door or the sensors or even something misaligned? In addition, check all your batteries and ensure your power source is good. Some more complex issues, you may have a broken spring, damaged cables or issues with the track. Call us today for a garage door inspection.

How can I make my Garage Door Quieter?

We have a few suggestions that may help quite a noisy garage door! 1st, ensure all your nuts, bolts and screws are tightened up and lubricate any moving parts! If you are handy, you can also consider installing a quiet garage door opener or replacing the door rollers. Replacing the garage door springs as well, but be careful, these can be tricky as they are highly tensioned. Looking for more specific answers or to see if we can help, call us today!

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